Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger

With fascinating acoustic guitar music the six- string virtuosos Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger demonstrate living musical creativity in a most sympathetic manner.

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Samira Saygili & Peter Autschbach

This vocal and guitar duo brings a warm, sophisticated blend of jazz, swing and groove. Saygili & Autschbach won 1st prize at the "German Rock an Pop Prize" with their song "Holobiont".

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Peter Autschbach's TA2

This band fuses elements of jazz and rock in a unique way: Melodies that stay in your head, complex grooves and exuberant joy of playing. Check out their first videos on YouTube.

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Joscho Stephan & Peter Autschbach

Joscho Stephan and Peter Autschbach delight their audience with their own compositions and individually interpreted jazz standards from their joint album "Sundowner".

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Peter Autschbach Solo

As an outstanding solo guitarist Peter Autschbach combines a wide musical vocabulary with his profound playing technique, great sense of style and authentic sounds.

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