Terminal A

Terminal A

For more than ten years Peter Autschbach went on the road with his  band terminal A. The quintet (feat. optional percussionists Ramesh Shotham and José Cortijo) got a high reputation by playing countless concerts appearing on festivals and in clubs of the European continent. This long co-operation both live and in the studio (release of four CDs and a live DVD) made the band a team that is known for being able to move their listeners.

The quartet developed a style that is far ahead from just accompanying the bandleader Peter Autschbach, it's a dialogue between musicians that have got something to say. The fundament of this dialogue is Peter Autschbach's work as a composer, which uses elements of Jazz and Rock in a unique way: Beautiful melodies combined with complex rhythm, electrifying virtuosity facing balladesque silence and improvisational freedom meeting composed architecture. A quote from the magazine „Music-Outlook“ hits the point: „You don't need to bring Autschbach's music when going to an inhabitated island because this music itself is the island!“

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Terminal A lineup:

Peter Autschbach (Guitar), for years recognized as a true guru within the six- stringed scene, not only is known as a competent interpreter of mainstream Jazz but also managed to raise attention with own compositions, proved on eight CD´s enthusiastically celebrated by both audience and critics. Peter was a private student of Joe Pass in 1988/89. After his studies at the Musikhochschule Cologne he performed in Pete Townshend`s „The Who´s Tommy“ Rock opera. As a sideman Peter Autschbach travelled a lot, playing in Cairo and New York, was hired for musicals such as „Joseph“, „Cabaret“, „We Will Rock You“ and „West Side Story“, also as a singer and actor („All You Need Is Love“). Since 1998 he writes the fingerstyle and Jazz workshop column for the monthly „Akustik- Gitarre“ magazine. In 2001 Peter started to work with hammond organist Barbara Dennerlein, peaking in concerts and the releasing of the album „Feelin` Dunk“. German „Acoustic Music“ publishers released eleven teaching books written by Peter, his electric guitar school entitled „Let´s Rock“ being a widespread bestseller. Peter is a sought-after teacher of workshops in countless well established occasions in Germany as well as abroad, e.g in the Provence, Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Italian Tuscany for the Mediterranean Music School.

Marco Bussi (Drums), born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Regarded as THE newcomer talent amongst German drummers. Marco started out with classical lessons tought by Horst Waldeck, followed by Jazz lessons by considerable Keith Copeland. Marco recorded two CD´s and a DVD with Peter Autschbach, including „Feelin` Dunk“ with Barbara Dennerlein and since 2002 he is a consolidated member of Terminal A and Autschbach´s „Joe Pass Tribute Trio“. Besides his engagements (e.g. the "All You Need Is Love"-Musical in Essen) Marco composes, transcribes and works as a private drum teacher and gives lessons at the Musikschule Siegen.
more info about Marco Bussi: marcobussi.de

Nico Deppisch (Bass), is studying electric bass guitar and double bass at the Hochschule für Musik in Hannover. The latest „newbie“ to the band is familiar with the music of Terminal A, hence he has been working together with Marco and Peter at numerous musical and other occasions for years. It was a logical step to integrate him into the band.
more info about Nico Deppisch: nicodeppisch.de

Eddy Teger (Ac.Piano/Keyboards), brought up in Romania, received profession as a concert pianist and conductor at the Lyceum in Bukarest and Musikhochschule Cologne. Peter Autschbach met him in 1995 at rehearsals for The Who's "Tommy". Eddy wrote the jingle of the "Heute-Journal", an important news magazine on German television. Further on busy Eddy worked as musical supervisor and corepeater for theater and Musical productions such as Starlight Express and Saturday Night Fever, as a freelancer for WDR-Big-Band and WDR itself, as a studio- and tour musician and writer of songbooks (Grönemeyer's "Bochum", Chaplin's "Modern Times").

Klaus Tenner (Ac.Piano/Keyboards/Flute), Raised in Heidelberg, playing piano and german flute since his early days. During his studies of Jazz and Pop at the Musikhochschule Cologne he performed countless gigs in Germany and abroad. Supporting Blues legend BB King with his band "After The Storm" then, he worked as second musical supervisor of the Queen show "We Will Rock You" in Cologne. Since 2006 Klaus plays with Terminal A, alternating with Eddy Teger.
more info about Klaus Tenner: tenner.de

Michael Nüchtern (Percussion), born 1958 in Siegen, is a professional musician since 1985. Besides playing countless gigs in various formations and studio/ radio/ television jobs (WDR, NDR, SWR, BR) he is a busy drum and percussion teacher for more than twenty years now. Not that that is enough work, Michael is a successful photographer as well.

special guests:

Ramesh Shotham (Percussion), born in Madras / South India, is one of the most successful percussionists in Europe. Within the last twenty years he recorded more than 120 LP´s and CD`s together with Carla Bley, Steve Coleman, Steve Swallow, Jonas Hellborg, Charlie Mariano, Sigi Schwab and Ronan Guilfoyle, just to name but a few. Over the years he founded own formations like Bhavani and Madras Special.
more info about Ramesh Shotham: shotham.org

José Cortijo (Percussion), from Spain. After live performances, television and album productions with various Spanish groups he is teaching and playing in Germany since 1983. He is the country's first stately admissioned teacher for afro-cuban percussion and since 1994 teacher of latin percussion at the stately Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Mannheim. In October of 2003 he became Germany's first professor for latin percussion.
more info about José Cortijo: jose-cortijo.de