08.01.2024the first workshops for 2025 in Tuscany are online!

The Tuscany course in August 2024 sold out within a day.
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TA2 on Tour

An express-tour-report :-)
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19.06.2023Jordan Proffer

The drummer from Dallas plays TA2 :-)
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02.06.2022TA2 - the album

now available!
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07.01.2024Workshops 2024/25

The beautiful house "Albergo Poderino", where I have offered workshops through the Med Music School for many years (with great success), has been sold. I was very sorry that I would miss three weeks in Tuscany this year because of this, so I took action myself. Luckily the Agriturismo Terenzana was able to reserve a week for me. The electric guitar course (August 24th-31st), which I announced, was sold out within a day. I already have the dates for 2025 in Terenzana: May 24th - May 31st electric guitar and May 31st - June 7th. Jazz guitar. Save the dates and book soon, because there is already interest in the two guitar weeks.

I have good news for those who want to go on vacation with me and the guitar in 2024: The Allton company is organizing a guitar seminar "Acoustic Guitar and Songs" at Edersee (Hessen) from July 8th to 13th, 2024. You can find more information on the Allton-page. My tip: register quickly :-)

In addition to the week-long courses, there are plenty of weekend guitar workshops you can take part in. You can find an overview here.

Here are the upcoming courses up to and including April:
January 19-21: Acoustic guitar and songs in Düsseldorf
January 26th - 28th: "Blues plus" in Düsseldorf
February 09-11.: Blues guitar in Munich
February 17th/8th: Two day workshops "Beatles" in Osnabrück (17th is sold out)
March 01-03: Eric Clapton in Dresden
April 12-14: Acoustic guitar and songs in Lahr

21.12.20235 Prizes at the event "41. German Rock and Pop Prize 2023" for TA2

You can read about it on the "Winners sorted by category" page: At the "41st German Rock & Pop Prize 2023" event, Peter Autschbach's TA2 won prizes in the categories: "Best Fusion Jazz Rock Band" and "Best Fusion-Jazz-Rock album". We were also awarded in the special categories “Best Fusion Jazz Rock Song” (Welcome Marta), “Best Drummer” (Jan Melnik) and “Best Guitarist” (Peter Autschbach). You can order the award-winning album here!

20.06.2023Peter Autschbach's TA2 on Tour

TA2 went on tour! We played 18 concerts from October 13th to November 12th. There were ups and downs on the tour. Unfortunately, a terrible bereavement occurred in the middle of the tour and our violinist Marta Danilkovich had to travel to Minsk on the spur of the moment. But she was back with us after just a few days and we were able to continue the tour. Thanks for that! We met a lot of people, had great encounters, and thanks to the support of the companies AER and G66 we had a great sound. The audience (that's you!) supported us loudly, with applause and nice compliments during the break or after the concert. Thanks for everything! Thanks also to the organizers and their trust in us. We will be back! Next year we won't be doing a big tour, but we will be doing some individual concerts, which you can find on the On Tour page.

25.07.2023Interview in the magazine "Guitar"

As the only production in the magazine, "Guitar" rated the album "TA2" five out of five stars and wrote:

"Fusion of the highest quality - Peter Autschbach TA2 (Timezone) Peter Autschbach worked purely acoustically for years. For his new band TA2, the world-class teacher unpacked his electric guitar again. With a first-class line-up, he shows his outstanding jazz-rock playing. The Belarusian violinist Marta Danilkovich masterfully refines the sound with her precise runs. The opening piece "Welcome Marta" is - like literally every track - one of the really great moments of the album. With clean unison runs between guitar and violin, complex drum solos (Jan Melnik) and a crisp electric bass (Nico Deppisch), Autschbach's new band impresses with incredible musicality and freshness."

The band's website:

Click the picture for the interview (in German)

17.06.2023Jordan Proffer from Dallas, Texas will join the TA2-Tour

American drummer Jordan Proffer will join the upcoming TA2 tour. I met the world-class drummer from Dallas, Texas in Romania when I was a jury member at the International Jazzcompetition Bucharest. Jordan played so inspired and technically brilliant during the competition that there was no need to think twice about asking him to come to Germany for our tour in October. He said "YES!" and his flight tickets are already booked. We look forward to our cooperation. A click on the picture opens a video: Jordan plays my composition "Godzilla".

02.06.2023The new album "Peter Autschbach's TA2"

We are endlessly proud and happy that - after two years of fruitful collaboration - our album is finally ready for order.
Click on the picture and you will land directly on our band homepage. There are audio samples under "Media/Music". Our graphic designer Selina Peterson really worked hard and created the beautiful CD cover. We are all blown away by the colors and modern shapes that reflect our music perfectly.
The album belongs in every household!
Thanks to Timezone-Records for including our album in their program and make it available worldwide.
TA2 is also released on all digital platforms.

26.09.2022WDR-TV-Broadcast Sept. 21, 2022

On September 8th, WDR television was at my house to shoot a report about Samira Saygili and me. The film was broadcast in the "Aktuelle Stunde" as part of the WDR Lokalzeit Südwestfalen on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 from 7:30 p.m. I was also invited to the WDR studio that day to give an additional interview.

11.08.2022Premiere Peter Autschbach's TA2 @ Stöffelpark, Enspel, August 06th, 2022

On Saturday, August 6th, 2022, the premiere of our new band "Peter Autschbach's TA2" took place in Enspel. TA2 are: Marta Danilkovich (violin), Jan Melnik (drums) and Nico Deppisch (bass). At 6 p.m. the guitar duo Frank Haunschild & Vitaliy Zolotov played their own pieces and some exciting arrangements on tunes of The Beatles. TA2 started at 8 p.m. The audience could have liked to be larger, but those, who were attending, experienced a great evening of music. The stage was optimally equipped and sound engineer Gerhard created a great sound. The light also went perfectly with the music and so it was all a worthy setting for the anniversary event at the Stöffelpark. Hans Ruppert celebrated his anniversary with his "Jazz We Can" series of events, which has been bringing culture to the country for two decades. I've played there five times and I can say: "I'd love to come back anytime"!

Making music with Marta Danilkovich, Jan Melnik and Nico Deppisch is very motivating and I have written new compositions exactly for this instrumentation with violin, bass, drums and guitar. Marta switches to keyboards during my guitar solos so I can play over the often complex chord structures instead of having to schematically laying them out with my melody, which narrows me down. Playing the many six-part chords was a lot of work for her, luckily she sees it as a welcome challenge (if her time hadn't been so short). When she plays the violin the sun rises and I know why I had to call her for this band. 
Hans Ruppert also wished for José Cortijo on the percussions. Incorporating a fifth band member "just for a moment" isn't really possible. But I've known José for a long time, he pwas well-prepared so only details had to be clarified in the one rehearsal we had with him. His playing was a real enrichment. Nico is a totally reliable bass player, he plays fantastic, his timing is impeccable, he has a great sound and he looks great on stage which is also important. None of us can keep up with Marta on this point, but that was clear from the start. She deserves all the attention. Jan Melnik was received particularly positively by all viewers. Typical reaction: "Your drummer is awesome!". Yes, he is.

It was super exciting to find out how the new pieces were received by the audience. I am glad and happy that everything went down so well. That brings motivation to keep going. Our next plans are the completion of an album and, in addition to individual concerts, planning a larger tour in autumn 2023. Our next concert is on December 2nd, 2022 at the Heimhof Theater in Burbach.

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27.06.2022Guitar & Recording Camp in south of France


Guitarists of all styles are welcome to this band workshop. We jam and learn how to achieve good results in the studio. An accompanying band (Nico Deppisch - bass, Benny Doedt - drums) and a professional studio with an optimal workspace are available for this purpose. The teachers Frank Haunschild and Peter Autschbach will show you how it's done!

click here for the Flyer (in German)

  • 05/14/2023: Arrival day, welcome and dinner
  • Five full workshop days with Frank Haunschild, Peter Autschbach and band
  • 05/20/2023: Departure day, farewell after lunch
  • Overnight on a dreamlike property in southern France
  • All-inclusive catering with drinks and regional cuisine

The Domaine de Bourigeols is a former winery located in the middle of the Languedoc-Roussillon wine-growing region at the foot of the Pyrenees, not far from the castle of Carcassonne (UNESCO World Heritage Site). In addition to the studio and several lovingly furnished holiday accommodations, there is also a pool, an outdoor kitchen and a leisure room with the opportunity to play table tennis, darts or table football on the spacious 22-hectare site. Accommodation will be in a double room with two single beds. Single or double rooms, as well as accompaniment by partners on request. We will provide you with a culinary and varied breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of a Mediterranean buffet. There is also a selection of regional and hand-picked wines to choose from in the Domaine Kiosk. Vegetarian and vegan cuisine is also possible on request.

  • Date May 14 to 20, 2023
  • Individual price: 2,399 euros including full board and VAT.
  • Early bird discount: Book by September 1st, 2022 and get a 10% discount
  • Registration with the subject "Guitar & Recording
    Camp" to
  • Registration deadline 03/01/2023
  • Information about the studio at
  • Accommodation information at

22.12.2021German Rock And Pop Prize for the duo Saygili & Autschbach

Sing! Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis

The song "Starlight" from the album "Sing!" by Samira Saygili and Peter Autschbach received an award as 1st prize "Best Composition 2021" at the Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis (German Rock & Pop Prize) event. There were also no fewer than three more awards for Samira and Peter, namely in the categories of “best guitarist”, “best song of the year 2021” and “best solo singer”. Thanks to the team of the German Rock & Pop Prize!

The live awarding of the 39th German Rock & Pop Prize 2021 had to be canceled due to the legal requirements of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government because of the corona pandemic. Therefore, as in 2020, the organizers have decided to send the certificates to the winners by mail after the judging teams have decided. The Deutsche PopStiftung has again appointed a team of jurors (festival jury) for the pre-selection of the numerous submitted applicant CDs in the main and special categories and then put together 16 further qualified jurors (federal jury) from the previous juror teams for the final selection of the main categories who determined the winners of the main categories of the 39th German Rock & Pop Prize 2021.

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13.10.2021the new ""


The cover of my new jazz guitar textbook, which is now available, was released today. The cover design is made by Selina Peterson, the photo was taken by Irina Mirja. is also the domain under which the numerous explanatory videos for the book will be found. Absolute beginners should first work through one of my basic guitar books (for example "Rock On Wood"), because an explanation of the jazz guitar should also be allowed to concentrate on exactly this topic, beginning with "Adam and Eve" would bust the size of the book. Which does not mean that a guitarist with just knowledge of song accompaniment could not work with this book. If you are interested in jazz, can read either sheet music or tablature, know the common major and minor chords and know the hammer-on, pull-off and slide techniques, you will find a lot of valuable tips and tricks in this book, all of them come from playing experience. As a teacher, I approach this beautiful music exactly as I have learned it myself: By just playing! I think Jazz doesn't have to be complicated. Instead of getting too theoretical, I explain everything using motivating licks and sounds. They provide the tools needed for success and practising is fun at the same time. Of course, nothing works without practise, so you have to invest the necessary time. But it will be worth it :-)
Price for the book (144 pages + videos @
€ 24,00 plus postage.

see book sample pages (PDF)

purchase the book »

09.21.2021the second Saygili-Autschbach-album "Sing!"


On November 19th our second album "Sing!" was released by Timezone. 11 of the 13 pieces are written by Samira and me. You can expect the result of two years of creativity and a very rewarding collaboration. The title track "Sing!" was mixed and mastered with fresh ears and the video - that we shot on the island Fuerteventura - got some great additional colour-grading. The beautiful cover illustration was created by Selina Peterson.

The recordings were made at the same time as the seemingly endless lockdowns 2020/2021. As a musician, when all concerts are cancelled, you fall into the abyss. Either you let yourself be pulled down by it or you start to flee forward. Our way was to use the crisis for this album. We had started to work on it before the pandemic, but the time that we would not have under normal circumstances suddenly became available. A grant from the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia was granted to us to implement this project. Thank you very much for that!

The title track “Sing!” is our musical answer to the corona-related stigmatization of singing. Yes, aerosols are released when singing, but singing also is very healthy! Singing heals both body and mind and strengthens the immune system. Singing makes you happy!

And so we allowed ourselves the luxury of singing over 50 vocal tracks to realize the song "In A Mellow Tone". It was a lot of fun and we also learned a lot.

When the lockdown in November 2020 completely destroyed our hopes for concerts in winter, we both fled to the Canary Islands.

We filmed our Video to the title-song "Sing!" on the beach of Fuerteventura. Click here to watch it.

The song "Starlight" was created in this atmosphere. Sometimes crazy things come together that make a song: Spontaneously jammed chords from Peter, a crisis phone call with a close friend, the wind of Fuerteventura. This combination immediately inspired Samira to create a melody and parts of the lyrics. In a relatively short time we were able to complete the song. “Starlight” should give courage to doubters: Stay to be that way! Just like that. You don't see it, but you shine, you shine bright, and you are loved. For your being. Not for meeting expectations. Not for fitting into our society. But for empowering, empathizing, being there and daring to question yourself in order to understand and see even more. You are infinitely valuable! Thank you that you exist!

Our duo Saygili / Autschbach opened a new chapter with the album “Sing!”. We both sing on some of the songs and now and then Samira plays a second guitar at our live concerts (which fortunately will be back soon). We both bring our ideas in and those ideas are not filtered. We play and sing what we are hungry for, regardless of expectations, style concerns or even market mechanisms. This is the only way we can wholeheartedly stand behind every single note or line.

Sing! is colourful and diverse - we are very happy to have put two years of experience and work into it and we are very proud of the result.

06.07.2021the new band TA2

I shamefully neglected the electric guitar for eleven years. The whole time it waited patiently for me to take it up again. The reason for the long wait is the fact that around 2010 it was simply impossible to book concerts for a band that played their own compositions. Cover bands had taken over the market and the few clubs in an inflationary way. Now that people are hungry for events again, the time has come to unpack the electric guitar and do what I've always done: combine the energy of rock with the harmonic and rhythmic diversity of jazz in my own compositions. TA2 is our brand new four-piece band, in which I am surrounded by exactly the right people: Nico Deppisch (bass), Marta Danilkovich (violin) and Jan Melnik (drums) are an absolute godsend:
I have been friends with Nico for more than twenty years and he is and will remain my favorite electric bass player. With Nico everything is very easy: I give him a call and my bass problem is solved.
I met our violinist Marta Danilkovich at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt and later worked with her on my composition "We Are Democracy". Marta intones her notes with unbelievable confidence, she is a real virtuoso, she can rock out in a rousing way and then again touch the listeners with very delicate melodies. And on top of that, she's a beautiful woman with a great stage presence. It's not for nothing that our first piece is called "Welcome Marta".
Our drummer Jan Melnik is the bundle of energy that gives us the drive we need to get the music across powerfully. When Jan is on drums, we all play and sound better. He knows exactly when to hit or hold back and he grooves wonderfully. By the way, kicking off our first meeting was his very clever idea!
There are two brand new videos from us that can be seen on YouTube from Thursday, July 8th, 2021: Welcome Marta (premiere at 6 p.m.) and Twilight (premiere 6:15 p.m.). Do not miss out on this one!

06.06.2021Title Story in the magazine "Akustik Gitarre"

Finally I can do live workshops again and there will also be concerts. In keeping with the cover story in Akustik Guitar magazine, I will be playing two open-air concerts with Joscho Stephan in Dinslaken (Ledigenheim, October 15th) and Bad Marienberg (Jazz We Can, October 16th).
The cover story in the renowned guitar magazine ends with the following words: "The different guitars of Autschbach, from his Gittler to a Striebel baritone and his workhorse (Striebel nylon string cutaway), plus Stephans Volkert to the fabulous Gibson L5, which elicits Stephans Gypsy-Touch especially liquid-creamy sounds, pamper the ears , while the relaxed rapport between the musicians and their confident and entertaining demeanor instantly capture the audience for the two guitarists. You can see and hear impressive flexibility between plucking, hybrid picking, rapid single-string improvisations and sometimes almost baroque counterpoint passages. If you think there can't be more, they both come up with something even better. To put the whole thing in a nutshell: Joscho Stephan's lively, tasty, melancholic composition 'Sundowner' actually captures everything in the title, because this duo offers a great cocktail of skill, joy in playing and taste - with this music you can let end your day in beauty".

10.13.2021the new

The cover of my new jazz guitar textbook, which is now available, was released today. The cover design is made by Selina Peterson, the photo was taken by Irina Mirja. is also the domain under which the numerous explanatory videos for the book will be found. Absolute beginners should first work through one of my basic guitar books (for example "Rock On Wood"), because an explanation of the jazz guitar should also be allowed to concentrate on exactly this topic, beginning with "Adam and Eve" would bust the size of the book. Which does not mean that a guitarist with just knowledge of song accompaniment could not work with this book. If you are interested in jazz, can read either sheet music or tablature, know the common major and minor chords and know the hammer-on, pull-off and slide techniques, you will find a lot of valuable tips and tricks in this book, all of them come from playing experience. As a teacher, I approach this beautiful music exactly as I have learned it myself: By just playing! I think Jazz doesn't have to be complicated. Instead of getting too theoretical, I explain everything using motivating licks and sounds. They provide the tools needed for success and practising is fun at the same time. Of course, nothing works without practise, so you have to invest the necessary time. But it will be worth it :-)

19.04.2021the new album "Sundowner" with Joscho Stephan

The new album "Sundowner" , which I recorded together with my friend Joscho Stephan, is available now! Joscho is a world-class guitarist who is best known for his incredibly virtuoso solo technique in the Django Reinhardt genre, which he interprets in his own unique and recognizable way and yet effortlessly lives up to Reinhardt's legacy. In the duo with me, Joscho Stephan shows himself from a different side: also virtuoso, but more jazzy, sometimes with archtop guitar and sometimes with flat-top acoustic guitar. It was great fun to record the pieces together and everything went very quickly. The reason is that we always (even if we tried a second take) decided on the "first take". Half of the music consists of new, original compositions and our spontaneous interpretations of well-known standards. We are both happy and proud of the new album and I am very happy that it will also be released on vinyl. Click here or on the picture to listen to some sound-examples!

19.04.2020new YouTube-Videos with Joscho Stephan

Joscho Stephan and I did live streaming concerts at the Myonlineevent and Der Virtuelle Hut platforms.
Joscho Stephan is a renowned master of the gypsy guitar genre, his incredible, immediately recognizable solo guitar technique is breathtaking. Joscho has garnered worldwide attention through his collaboration with greats such as Biréli Lagrène, Tommy Emmanuel, Stochelo Rosenberg and Richard Smith and he appears at all big guitar festivals on the planet. At the Musikmesse 2009 I spontaneously played with Joscho Stephan for the first time, since then we have met occasionally and jammed at a workshop in Tuscany in the summer of 2019, to the great delight of the many guitarists present.
In 2020 we recorded ten pieces in my studio, which have been released on our joint album Sundowner. The material consists of four standards and six original compositions.
Here you can watch pieces of our concerts on YouTube:

Holobiont Centerpiece All The Things You Are
Autumn Leaves Sundowner Stompin' At The Savoy
Blue Bossa House Of The Rising Sun I Wish You Love
Black Orpheus Wave Still A Long Way To Go

03.12.2020the new song by Saygili & Autschbach is called "Sing!"

Premiere! On December 6th at 7 p.m. German time, it's not Santa Claus we're awaiting, but the premiere of our new video "Sing!", which we shot on the Canary Islands. Chat with us on the video page during the premiere and enjoy yourself with us! When you click here or on the picture, the YouTube page opens with a countdown, but before December 6th you can't watch the video because we want this to be exciting :-)

So much in advance:

Samira and I are currently working on our second album “Sing!”. We were virtually unable to shoot the video in Germany due to the lockdown. In addition, the situation is unbearable that you are only allowed to sing if you keep a lot of distance from other people. Singing is healthy! We had to cancel all of our concerts and also our November workshops and first concerts and workshops in 2021 had to be canceled due to the corona measures. The work ban hits us hard because we love our job. So we searched together for a meaningful, creative way out. The only logical conclusion and the opportunity to shoot our video in one of the last holiday destinations that is not declared as a risk area was implemented by us very spontaneously four weeks ago. We didn't book a return flight because we want to wait and see how the situation develops. There's plenty of fresh air here in Fuerteventura and we can sing on the beach where you hardly meet anybody. And not least because of that, the pictures turned out to be awesome. We are grateful for the Corona help offered by the government, but we would much rather practice our job, which we consider valuable and meaningful. We'll come back when we're welcome again being artists. It doesn't make sense beforehand, because we have to keep our distance. 3200 km as the crow flies seem to us to be quite appropriate :-)

25.09.2020My new songbook "Ü40" in the press

"Ü40" (Schott Music) is available here. Here are two nice revievs, first the renowned magazine "Gitarre & Bass":

For a long time, Peter Autschbach dreamed of publishing a guitar songbook that would bring together all the songs that his guitar students asked for. Now he has fulfilled his dream with “Ü40” and the work has paid off! For all songs in this impressive repertoire, there are numerous playing tips for authentic performance and a song sheet with lyrics, the score of the vocal melody and chord symbols. Diagrams of the chords used and basic strumming patterns are also shown. A second version from the "DETAIL FREAK" department shows the score and tablatures of all the individual guitar parts. For this workshop, Peter Autschbach took great care in recording MP3 files that can be downloaded using the voucher code shown in the book. All titles are available in two versions: one with and one without vocals. So if you want to play 'Pinball Wizard' by 'The Who', 'Layla' by Slowhand Eric Clapton, 'More Than Words' by Extreme or 'Space Oddity' by David Bowie on guitar, you should take a look at this book. A cool package at a very fair price. [Schott Music, ISBN 978-3-7957-2102-2, 112 pages, price € 22.50] ds

And second a review in the equally renowned magazine AKUSTIK GITARRE

(Book, 112 pp., Schott, ISBN 978-3-7957-2102-2)
Peter Autschbach has published a new songbook. "Ü40" means that a large part of the Songs is older than 40 years and therefore passed the test of time. The author promises "20 real killer songs" and writes down milestones of rock-and-pop history, mostly acoustic songs. The approach is practice-oriented: First there is a typical Songbook notation with vocal melody, lyrics and chord symbols. These lead sheets don't show all the guitar parts but they are very good for sessions; since they use just a double page that you don't have to turn pages in the middle of the piece. Almost forgotten:
There are also the simplest suitable chord diagrams and a song compatible suggestion for an accompanying pattern, sometimes as a strumming pattern, sometimes in fingerpicking. The The second notated Version of the song is more interesting, because this is about the details the original guitar parts of accompaniment and in places also about original solos.
For all 20 included songs Peter Autschbach must have worked hard to exactly transcribe the original recorded versions of the guitar parts. Perfectly written down in score plus tablature, like the material we are used to when it comes to Autschbach's workshops in the magazine AKUSTIK GITARRE. Ü40 can be used for teaching and of course also to learn these songs being autodidact.
There are left- and right-hand-fingerings and a section at the beginning of the book with annotations and technical tips for each song. Some songs are specially arranged for guitars as the original might have used a different instrumentation ('I'm not in Love, 'Music' or 'Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me ’). In addition, audio files are available on the website of the publisher Schott Music: Every piece was recorded by Peter, there is a version with just the transcribed guitar parts and one more including vocals. You can stream or download the tracks. The repertoire includes real classics which can be found in some "Unplugged" publications, however also nice surprises like songs from 10CC and Queen. To play the detailed versions as a guitarist you should be able to read score or tablature and have some experience in different styles and playing techniques. In total this is another good and carefully made songbook by the experienced author Peter Autschbach.

20.09.2020"Duo-Story in the journal "Musiker-Magazin"

A detailed interview (in German) with Samira Saygili and me can be found on pages 22-24 of the current journal "Musiker Magazin" :-)

We answer questions about how we won the German rock and pop award, how we compose and write, how we deal with the audience and much more. The complete, 4-page article (and the whole magazine at the same time) can be read here: Musiker-Magazin 2-20

14.09.2020Workshop "Timing and Groove“ in Witzenhausen May 2021

May 07th, 7 p.m. to May 09th, 2021, 1 p.m.

This time, besides the rhythmic aspects of the guitar, it's about effective practice. Everyone has limited time to practice, and there are ways and means that practice can be fun and extremely effective.
The tips, tricks and methods will be put into practice immediately on this weekend, so that this workshop will have a noticeable, long-lasting training effect.
Questions like the following are answered:

How exactly do you practice timing and groove?
How do you train "guitar", how do you improve your technique effectively?
How can I master a song as soon as possible?
How the heck do I put myself in a position to memorize all these rhythmic structures?

Event schedule: Friday 7 p.m. to 9.30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
The icing on the cake: On Saturday after the workshop (8:00 p.m.) there will be a concert with Peter Autschbach and the fantastic singer Samira Saygili.
New faces are also welcome, because participation in past events is not a prerequisite for participation. Fee for three days of workshop (Fri 7 p.m. to Sunday 1 p.m.): EUR 165.00. Participants of all levels of knowledge are addressed.
The Parimal in Witzenhausen is an oasis of tranquility, a wonderful place for meditation that has been inhabited by followers of the Indian philosopher and visionary Osho since the 1970s. There are three super nice seminar rooms in the Parimal, comfortable overnight accommodations for the participants and very good vegetarian food. We will feel good there and have a lot of fun together!

more Info:

30.07.2020"Zacky and Bob" will be available in China!

Children and adults in China will soon be learning with Zacky and Bob! The Chinese translation is currently in progress and our two heroes are enjoying the success :-)
The following email came from the publisher last week:

Dear Mr. Autschbach, dear Mrs. Peterson,
We are pleased to announce today that we have licensed the series "Gitarre lernen mit Zacky & Bob" to China to the publishing house SMPH. The countersigned contract has arrived today.
You will receive the proceeds from this exploitation with your author's invoice as soon as we have received the advances.
Best Regards

The translation is currently in progress. The publisher wants me to edit the videos so that the precount can be heard in Chinese.

If you didn't know it yet: You can watch all 120 videos for "Zacky and Bob" free of charge and without obligation - even without ordering a book - here:

15.05.2020Celebrity-Story in the magazine 'Guitar Acoustic'

The magazine 'Guitar Acoustic' just published an 8-page 'Celebrity-Story' about me. It contains a detailed interview, where I talk about winning the German Rock and Pop Prize, deliver insight into the teaching methods of Joe Pass and speak about working together with Samira Saygili (in German). Additionally to the scores and tabs inside the Workshop there are five examples of my compositions on the CD which comes with the printed magazine.

Click the picture or here to read the full article


15.01.202020 Killersongs in the new Songbook "Ü40"

"Ü40" (Schott Music) is available here. Ü40 is fun because it is a collection of the most beautiful songs that can be accompanied with the guitar. "Ü40" gives you the song material that everyone wants to play sooner or later. These are milestones in rock and pop history that continue to inspire, even though their release date is usually over 40 years ago.
"Ü40" remains manageable without neglecting important details. There are two versions of each piece: First, an easy-to-play overview with vocal melody, basic chords and lyrics, from which the exact song-structure is evident. These leadsheets consist of only one or two pages - because nothing is more annoying than having to interrupt the game to go to the next page. You can use the leadsheets if you want to sing to the guitar together.
In the second version, all the sections are printed in detail as a guitar professional would play them. These detail freak notes are an excellent teaching material for guitar lessons (or for self-taught learning), because even experienced guitarists, who already know the songs, will discover a lot of new details here that can be used well in class.
Here is a list of the songs that this new songbook contains:
Layla, Mrs. Robinson, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Sweet Home Alabama, Love Of My Life, Fat Bottomed Girls, I'm Not In Love, Message In A Bottle, Shape Of My Heart, Dust In The Wind, Wonderwall, Blackbird, All My Loving, More Than Words, Music, Angie, Time in a Bottle, Pinball Wizard, Space Oddity, A Horse With No Name

28.12.2019Autschbach on "Supergain TV" (German Language)

In the video that you can access by clicking the picture, I was asked how I got into guitar playing in the 70s. The wonderful interview moderator Michael Vochezer from SupergainTV lures me a lot of insights that I might not have mentioned myself without his specific questions.

In addition to the historical and teaching content, the interview also includes some music. Together with Michael I play a version of Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Wave" and I sing Rik Emmett's "Suitcase Blues" to the guitar.

There is already a Video of me online on the platform "Supergain TV", which mainly deals with the equipment I use.

The collaboration was fun, many thanks to Enrico Coromines and Michael Vochezer. We'll be making more videos soon and I'm looking forward to it!

15.12.2019German Rock and Pop Prize 2019

The price is right :-)
The "Duo Saygili Autschbach" won two awards at the "Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis 2019" (German Rock and Pop Prize). Our song "Holobiont" (composition by me, text by Samira), which we presented yesterday in the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen, won over the jury, who ennobled us with the first prize in the main category "German Singer Prize". In addition, our duo received an award in the special category "Best Guitarist".

Click here for the official winner-page

The special categories were determined without live performance based on previously submitted recordings of the artists. In the final of the main categories, the artists have a full 5 minutes of stage time (including setup and takedown), so everyone has to perform to the point. Every year, around 1,000 musicians from all over Germany travel to Siegen for the event, organized by the German Rock & Pop Musicians' Association (DRMV), where the event has been at home for six years thanks to music industry expert Henning Weyl. After the event, he enthusiastically wrote:

"I was able to experience a grandiose performance by Samira Saygili and Peter Autschbach in the Siegerlandhalle. It was not only the well-known class of Peter on guitar, but also the absolutely first-class performance of Samira, whose voice simply knocked the jury off. Voice, intonation, performance, addressing the audience, all this was almost ingenious. That was a true highlight of the German Rock & Pop Award 2019, as which you rarely have the chance to experience!"

07.08.2019The Songbook by Zacky and Bob :-)

My new songbook for children and young adults is "the real shit" :-) This is meant to be absolutely positive, as you can read in the text below. Review from the current issue of the magazine "Akustik Gitarre". Conclusion: play and have fun!

Peter Autschbach: Das Songbuch von Zacky & Bob
(Book & Download, 64 pages, Schott Music, ISBN 978-3-7957-1138-2)

Learning to play guitar with Zacky and Bob: Under this motto, Peter Autschbach wrote a stylistically open guitar school for children from the age of eight, being published in two volumes by Schott Music. This is followed by a songbook with repertoire pieces, four of which are well-known evergreens ('Sunny', 'Scarborough Fair', 'Wild World', 'Tears in Heaven'), all others written by the author. Also adult guitar players on an advanced beginner level and beyond are likely to enjoy many things here. Peter explains the essential technical details of each piece - sometimes the emphasis is on the chords, then on the rhythm, then on the picking technique. Each of the 15 pieces vividly and strikingly presents certain timbres, playing styles and the associated rhythmic, harmonic and melodic details. Overall, this is - you can not put it another way - extremely musical playing material for a children's guitar school and beyond! This is "the real shit", not some reduced audition material for mom, aunt and grandma, but music and techniques between folk, rock, jazz, pop and latin that motivated students and guitarists actually want to play.

Everything is notated in score and tabs, easy to read, with all the necessary entries to execution and fingering, but just not overloaded. Very good: There are chord symbols everywhere. To many songs there are several voices, usually accompaniment and melody. The versions of 'Sunny', 'Tears in Heaven' or especially 'Scarborough Fair' presented here are perfect for public audition. If one plays them jazzed up only minimally and individually and with something more than the purely pedagogically appropriate articulatory expression, these serious repertoire pieces are suitable for an instrumental guitar duo.

All tracks have been recorded by Peter, there is a download code in the issue. This sounds great and motivating. Full points!

31.05.2019The Songbook by Zacky and Bob :-)

15 concert pieces for young and old guitar players. Featuring Wild World, Scarborough Fair, Sunny and Tears In Heaven. You can listen to the complete Zackybobrock, the Rainbow Song and excerpts of all other songs in the player on the ZackyBob-homepage.

Clicking on the image opens the site (in German)

The publisher Schott Music writes: "This book for successful guitar learning offers fresh material for first stage appearances of young and old guitarists: In addition to arrangements of popular evergreens Peter Autschbach has composed outstanding sounding and motivating pieces that are just fun to play. Stylistically, the songbook is open to all styles of music, because classical and pop are no contradiction! "

The melodies of the included five vocal pieces can also be played on the guitar, in the book both the text and the guitar part are printed in standard score and tablature. All download links to the audio recordings (with all single parts, partly recorded slow and fast) can be found in the book.

20.05.2019International Jazz-Competition Bucharest

We have met international excellence and reached the final of the competition. Four bands made it to the final: Masala from Russia, Anoesis from Australia, Entropy from Italy and our duo Saygili / Autschbach.

The Grand Prize was granted Entropy, deservedly, really great band from Sardinia. "Best Band" became Anoesis. Congratulation! Since Samira was the only singer to reach the finals, we already saw the advertised "Best Vocalist" Prize in her hands.

However, the jury spontaneously decided at the competition gala that they simply did not want to award this prize at all (which is why we even participated). Festival director Luigi Gagano regretted this and he promised to later issue a personal certificate to Samira as being "Best Vocalist", she got this certificate a week later.

We met a lot of great people. We will stay in contact. And yes: It was fun :-)

16.04.2019D'Addario Strings

I'm proud to be D'Addario-Endorser. Since April 2019 I am using this brand of guitar strings on all my instruments.

From time to time I will be testing new D'Addario-products which is very interesting because I am always in search of the best possible sound.


16.04.2019International Jazz-Competition Bucharest

Competitions usually make young people compete. The special conditions of access to the International Jazz Competition in Bucharest allow me and Samira to compete despite my age (quite old for the occasion). And, Bingo, we're in the semifinals! We will fly to Romania on the 10th of May and we will have fun there, no matter what comes out of it:-)

28.03.2019New Videos with Terminal A

People who subscribed to my Facebook channel already know: The sold-out concert with Terminal A in Bad Marienberg has been recorded on camera. Just one camera, but it still looks ok and the sound is nice. Check out the new videos here, have fun!

15.03.2019Masterclass and concert in Singapore

with Peter Autschbach

click the picture to enlarge the information about the Masterclass in Singapore April 20th, 2019. The event starts at 3 pm. In the evening there will be a concert with my duo partner Samira Saygili.

Both events will take place at the Club 1880 in Singapore.

Reservations: Tel.: 63043203 or 96481880

See you there :-)

04.03.2019new videos

with Samira Saygili & Peter Autschbach

On YouTube we added two new versions of our songs.

By clicking the picture on the right you can watch "Sweeter Than Honey" with lots of honey dripping through the picture.

I used my Gittler guitar to play "Holobiont". This is our hymn about bacteria. Not all bacteria is harmful to humans. We need the microbes and they need us. So we wrote this song to make them feel good so that they can make us feel good :-)

Check out Holobiont by clicking the picture on the right.


with Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger

On October 12th, 2018 we were invited to be guests at the Südwestfunk television in Baden-Baden.

On the show "Kaffee oder Tee" we were allowed to snack cake dough, play three pieces, offer a guitar taster class, taste the finished cake (was delicious) and then give an interview with a full mouth :-)

If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube (I've only used the spots where we're really seen and heard):

08.10.2018Sweeter Than Honey

Samira Saygili & Peter Autschbach

The duet made up of Samira Saygili and Peter Autschbach makes music that is both captivating and full of feeling, and at the same time extremely entertaining. These two artists prove their mettle with their brimming joy at playing and their irresistible charm.

Whenever Peter Autschbach takes up his guitar, you can be assured of sheer pleasure. His international workshops are always booked out, his instruction manuals are very successful, and his numerous and brilliant compositions are a valuable contribution to the guitar world.

Samira Saygili, for her part, always hits the bull's eye with each of her deeply felt and expressive notes. When she sings, her warm and powerful voice inevitably conjures a smile on the faces of her audience. On their first joint album, “Sweeter Than Honey”, Peter Autschbach and Samira Saygili offer a top-notch musical dialogue produced by a unique blend of voice and guitar. The music is a partially made up of well-known melodies that the two imbue with their own personal coloring. Other songs have been written and composed by themselves, and they are in no way less worthy than the classics. The result is music that is outstandingly infectious, even the slow ballads. The coverart was created by Selina Peterson.

Tracks on the CD: Baron Otard, Sweeter Than Honey, Rodrigues, Holobiont, Smile, I'm Not In Love, Unhappy Triad, Your Song, Comes Love, Keine Lust, Sophisticated Lady, Downhome-Blues, Sympathique, Quiet Now, A Scent Of Love

For sound-examples click on the cover-picture or here!

29.08.2018CD-Review, published in the Magazine Concerto (Austria)

Peter Autschbach: Begin At The End
Guitar Solos (Da Vinci Records)
by Ernst Weiss

The guitarist Peter Autschbach is of great importance to the Jazz world, not only in Germany. With fellow guitarist, Ralf Illenberger, Peter is busy touring the world as a duo. His new CD is recorded solo and acoustically, without edits, which makes it pure enjoyment, no frills.

It is extraordinary that Autschbach is very well known and popular in Japan which is the reason for "Begin At The End" being released on a Japanese label. With Blues, Jazz and World the Joe pass pupil reveals immense ability and proves easygoing and cool skills; he can call a vast musical territory as his home.

Peter opens his excellent collection with an Edgar Sampson piece composed in the mid-30s. In addition to very personalized renditions from trumpeter Neil Hefti, Duke Ellington, and four Autschbach originals, three pieces really stick out; "Wave" by Antonio Carlos Jobim smartly re-harmonized with great improvisation. On "Suitcase Blues" by Canadian Rik Emmett, Autschbach proves that he can sing wonderfully too. "Summer Breeze" has its own Latin American echoes and commutes between Classical and Jazz. A guitar CD that will inspire everybody, not just aficionados.

07.03.2018Begin At The End

Peter Autschbach Solo

available since April 2018

My new album is called "Begin At The End" and it was released April 2018 by the renowned label Da Vinci in Osaka, Japan.

"Begin At The End" has many meanings to me: Maybe it's about enjoying the dessert before the main course? Or when outlining the next steps in life, it can map a viable way back to where you are while remaining focused on your distant goal. "Begin At The End" is also a glimmer of hope to hold on to when arriving at the end of life…

In improvisation and composition, the path to a target note is often planned backwards. It is similar in harmonies: chords may make a sudden turn and then gradually return to the original color of tonality. And the same was true while planning this album, imagining it would already be finished. That made my task of selecting the pieces much easier.

This does not mean starting with the last piece when playing this CD! Don’t do it because then it will limit the pleasure. I wish everyone the joy of listening that I had when recording the music!

Tracks on the CD: Stompin' At The Savoy, Begin At The End, Brazilian Air, Girl Talk, Wave, Suitcase Blues, Summer Breeze, In A Sentimental Mood, Not A Sad Blues, Over The Rainbow

03.03.2018The new book

"Meine Lieblingsstücke" (my favorite pieces) contains 15 modern fingerstyle pieces in various levels of difficulty. There are 12 compositions of mine including "November", "Sellie" and "You And Me" (with the often-asked-for middle section that is missing in the free score) and there are three versions of well-known standards in new arrangements: "Over The Rainbow "by Harold Arlen," You've Got A Friend "by Carol King in my bossa version and the lesser known but sensationally beautiful" Suitcase Blues "by Rik Emmett. The book (sheet music, TAB, chord symbols, fingerings and enclosed CD) will be available in April, published by Peter Finger (Acoustic Music, Fingerprint). I am very happy that another book with my music will be printed after the release of the surprise hit "On Stage". The cover was created by Selina Peterson.

To look at the cover, click on the picture.

The following songs are printed in tablature, notation and (if available) vocal melody: Can Guelio, November, Over The Rainbow, Peace, Savoir Vivre, Schneewittchen, Schönwetterwolken, Sellie, So Cute, Spring ain't here to Come, Stille Nacht, Suitcase Blues, You And Me, You've Got A Friend, Your Eyes

In addition, there are chord symbols and fingerings for the right and left hands.

25.10.2017Zero Gravity

The third album by Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger is called "Zero Gravity"!

It is available here in the store. "Zero Gravity" was finished exactly before the tour starts. The eight brand new pieces show how intense and fruitful the collaboration of the two guitarists is. Even more clearly than on the first two albums the music shows their unique way of playing, which distinguishes Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger. Here, the most diverse types of guitars (12-string, octave guitar, baritone guitar and six-string western guitar) are sounding in perfect harmony with each other. The cover artwork was created by Selina Peterson.

Click the image to listen to the music.

Tracks on the CD: New Arrival, Zero Gravity, Sellie, Heads Up, The Truth, Solstice, Topaz, Twilight Dance

15.03.2017Wir sind Demokratie

"We are Democracy" is the song I've been working on for eight months. In March 2017, I wrote the piece as a composition for the industrial labor union IG Bau, Chemie, Energie (IG BCE). Their chairman, Michael Vassiliadis, participant in one of my Tuscany workshops, liked it a lot and gave me the additional tasks of arranging the song for a orchestra, producing a CD and choosing the musicians for two live performances within the scope of the IG BCE Congress 2017.

Of course I chose my band Terminal A with Marco Bussi on drums, Nico Deppisch on bass and Klaus Tenner on the piano, the singers Samira Saygili and Sabine Kühlich, the vocal power of the Ruhrkohle choir from Herten and the children's choir "Krupp-Kids" from Duisburg. Classical string quartet (Marta Danilkovich vl, Vladimir Bodunov vl, Stefan Balazsovics vla and Victor Plumettaz cello) and the acoustic guitar strummed by Ralph Herrnkind completed the ensemble. I played the electric guitar and I did not miss the opportunity to conduct the final rubato myself.

October 8th the premiere took place in Hanover to open the IG BCE congress. This was a great experience for all participants. Prior to the congress we didn't spread the news, because the song production was supposed to be a surprise for all delegates and the attending politicians. I was excited for some days before the premiere, because for this song I carry all responsibility in terms of content and music. I was able to determine every detail. This was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. And the surprise succeeded! Standing ovations, the applause did not want to stop.

The CD "Wir sind Demokratie" containing two bonus tracks will be released November 17th by Timezone Records.

Click on the following links to listen and watch:

15.03.2017The new album: Slow Motion

In our society the ones who scream loudest usually are those who gain attention. It is the maxim: Who is loud, is heard. But there is such a great force in quiet sounds. I have always been fascinated by this and the acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for that. At my concerts, I experienced that the moments where the audience listens most intense are the soft and quiet moments. This encouraged me to record my new album, called "Slow Motion", which is very quiet and gentle throughout. But I'm asking myself how this music can be perceived when everybody else around me is screaming?

There was a special moment that made the idea become reality. In October 2016 the Allton owners Caspar and Silke presented their relaxation chair "Klangwoge" to me. "Klangwoge" is a combination of two German words that cannot really be translated. It means that the sound is carrying you away like a wave, and the chair also looks a bit like a wave. Caspar and Silke made me lie down on the chair and let me listen to a recording of myself with the baritone guitar. The combination felt so perfect that we decided to make a whole album for the "Klangwoge". And finally I could put my ideas into a greater album context.

The music can also be enjoyed when there is no "Klangwoge" at reach. Because, despite the connection to the relaxation chair, it has also become a recording with artistic value, which I am proud of. However, if you have the opportunity to enjoy the music on a "Klangwoge", don't miss it. During the recordings I had one of these chairs available and we have tested many times how the combination works. It is simply great because the extra dimension of "feeling the sound" makes listening even more intense.

To listen to some sound samples of "Slow Motion" click on the picture or click here.


Not only experienced electric guitarists can apply for the unique E-GiTraining, which will be offered in Lennestadt from July 7th to July 9th by the three guitarists Peter Autschbach, Ritsch Müller and Markus Ottenberg. For the search is not for the best, but especially motivated and passionate guitarists who are invited to learn and make contacts here.

E-GiTraining is not an elite promotion, the participants learn how to practice effectively and successfully. The typical electric guitar techniques bending, slide, rake, vibrato, legato, sweep picking and much more will not only be mentioned, but these techniques will be practically implemented into the playing during this weekend. Thanks to the support of the music school Lennestadt-Kirchhundem, the workshop for three days incl. Overnight stay and full board at Bilstein Castle is free of charge. As an application, however, a YouTube video with an easy-to-play piece and a short verbal performance has to be prepared, with the help of which the teachers then choose the lucky 15 participants. There is no age restriction.

02.02.2017Gittler Armed Forces Special edition

Since Christmas I have a new guitar. This time it is a very special tool. No wood is used for Gittler guitars. The entire design is made of titanium. For a better feel, teflon coating is galvanically applied to the Armed Forces special edition. Already in the 70s Allan Gittler designed and patented this guitar. For the first time I saw it at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2007. I was very amazed by its design, I immediately liked it. Of course I could not touch the guitar in the museum. Only 60 pieces of them were made, most of them can be found in design exhibitions. After Russ Rubman has reissued and further developed the Gittler, I became aware of the instrument again. It was clear that I wanted to have one, my mistake was not to get it right away. The dollar has risen since 2015 and Gittlerinstruments has also increased prices. Anyway, now I've done it and I'm glad about it. I made a video in which I introduce and audition the guitar.

To view the video click on the picture or click here.

31.08.2016The Blues!

Only sporadically the blues was the focus of my attention, because the pure pentatonic is in the long run sounds boring to me. But I've always been looking for ways to play blues in my (hopefully recognizable) way. For the first time I had a really good feeling in blues playing while sitting in the orchestra pit of the Rockopera "The Who's Tommy" back in 1995. I played with bassist Gary Bristol and drummer Alan Childs before the show and afterwards I felt very pleased, because for the first time in my life I could (of course, also thanks to the enthralling accompaniment of my colleagues) express myself easily over the blues, which felt comfortable to play. Since then, this feeling has come again and again and meanwhile I can call it as needed. That makes me happy, because the blues is fun! The audience in this video feels this and reacts enthusiastically.

Click here or on the image to watch the video.

10.03.2016Video from Tuscany

During our joint workshop in Tuscany for the Mediterranean music school we recorded the piece "November" on the terrace of the beautiful house Casa Nuova in Figline Val d'Arno. We had some interruptions when recording, because some extremely cheeky cicadas have made noise under the tree. For some time, however, they were persuaded to silence by sound engineer Ritsch Müller who targeted them with the fruit of the tree. At the end of the video you can hear how they complain loudly that the music stops. That shows that probably cicadas like music. Anyway, the mood in the garden was great, I would have liked to have more time for the recording, but it was already 16:00 and the workshop participants waited for their second teaching session. And of course this is most important.

click the image to open the video or click here.

27.01.2016Final spurt – learnto play guitar with Zacky and Bob

The new teaching-book "Gitarre lernen mit Zacky und Bob" will be officially presented by Schott-Verlag on 7 April 2016 at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. This book will be released in German language, but due to the fact that there is a lot more music than text it should be possible to work with it even when you don't understand German. An English version is already planned in the future. With new releases it's always the same: You think that everything is almost done, and while doing the corrections you find out that there is still plenty to do. Some little improvements to the texts, the last corrections of the score, the illustrations, the video editing for the online videos, the mastering of the CD - all this can produce hassle-feelings. Fortunately Bob can not get worked up while sitting in his icebucket. This beautiful illustration by Selina Peterson belongs to the song "Verflixt Heiß" which means "Damn Hot". I like this picture so much that I feel forced to show it to you :-)

to see the whole picture click here

15.10.2015New look for my old guitar

The Autolackiererei Weis in Siegen does not only paint cars. One of my students,who has a lack of time for playing guitar, sold his Japan Fernandez Strat to me. The guitar was painted in an unspeakable shade of green. The car specialists have gladly taken up the challenge and painted the guitar perfectly metallic. Many thanks to Sabrina and Michel Weis for comprehensive advice on the choice of color and Björn for the execution of the painting. I can recommend everyone to let paint guitars there, because the employees have respect for wood and love for detail, Björn also plays guitar and electric bass himself.

Click to zoom and for an overall view of the image. Visit the website of Autolackiererei Weis here

27.08.2015Terminal A Reunion

In September, drummer Marco Bussi, bassist Nico Deppisch, keyboardist Klaus Tenner and percussionist Michael Nüchtern will meet me again to play two concerts together. My compositions have been performed under the name "Terminal A" from 1998 to 2010 in countless clubs with enthusiastic reception everywhere. Unfortunately after 2010 it became virtually impossible to get a fee for a concert of Terminal A, since apparently too many bands were traveling with the willingness to play for free (or even ready to pay for a concert), The need for the forced break was bitter, but the revival is now even more exciting. The band can be seen in Bad Marienberg and in Rodgau, on 11th and 12th of September. Both venues are small, it will be smart to reserve tickets in advance. Exact venues and times: "on Tour"

24.06.2015Rock On Wood vol. 2

Guitar teaching book with DVD-Rom
by Peter Autschbach
For beginners and classical players. For vol. 2 you'll need the skills taught in Vol. 1.

with 15 videos and 62 audiotracks on DVD-ROM
score and tablature

The new guitar method for everyone who wants to authentically play rock music on acoustic guitar. The 2nd volume deepens the playing techniques taught in Vol. 1. The focus is on classic rock songs like Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), Behind Blue Eyes (The Who) or Nights In White Satin (The Moody Blues). Systematically, techniques like arpeggio, bending, slide, double stops or trill are developed to make the student be able to play the songs in the right style. In the "Show Offs" the songs are presented in arrangements for two or more guitars. A detailed chapter dealing with blues improvisation and examples and lots of fingerpicking add a big plus to this volume.

with songs by:

  • The Who: Behind Blue Eyes, Pinball Wizard
  • Kansas: Dust In The Wind
  • The Moody Blues: Nights In White Satin
  • Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

Rock on Wood Vol. 2
Price for the book with DVD:
€ 22,90 plus postage.

Have a look (PDF)

order form »

22.04.2015Workshop on Easter 2016, the island of La Reunion

From March 20th to April 3rd there is an acoustic guitar workshop with Peter Autschbach on the island of La Réunion. The island is located in the Indian Ocean, it has fantastic climatic values and is both a walkers as well as a water sports paradise. The workshop will take place within 13 days instead of six different days and deals with the topic acoustic guitar in all its facets. Away from the workshops remains in any case there will be enough time to explore the island, its fascinating rugged mountain scenery with active volcano and real high mountains (over 3000 meters) and the world famous underwater world of the Indian Ocean, to recover and to make joint excursions.

The motto here is not "learn guitar on vacation," but rather, "go on holiday with guitar playing friends".

Click here for the official (German) Flyer

08.04.2015Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Peter Autschbach, But Were Afraid to Ask

My videos about the incomparable multi-effects unit Axe-Fx (which has become an indispensable part of my sounds) have been watched more than 500,000 times on YouTube. This is a good reason for the company G66 (which distributes the Axe-Fx) to do an extensive interview and to ask me about how I approach my sounds.

Florian Kollin on behalf of G66-chief Jacques Isler created two videos that can be reached when you click on the picture or here.

In the interview I was asked to explain my definition of a professional musician and I could talk about what is important to me in music. The video about the Axe-Fx shows the setup of my patches, which I use live and in the studio.

18.03.2015Autschbach & Saygili in Istanbul

Hildulf Kaiser from Mainz OK TV channel will accompany Peter on the upcoming trip to Istanbul. There will be a live recording from the Arthere café (which will be broadcasted on TV later), a radio interview with a local station and a lot of impressions from the world city.

Peter: "I've never been to Istanbul, I am very excited about seeing the city, playing the concert there with singer Samira Saygili and the impressions we will collect there, 'We' means me and my son Sebastian, who has proven his skills behind the camera many times. He will support Hildulf Kaiser when creating the videos."

The trip will take place beginning of April, with the concert scheduled to April 3rd.

If you want to have a taste of the duo Autschbach-Saygili, watch a video here.

19.02.2015new workshops and concerts

Not only for one-week-events in Tuscany, Turkey and Provence Peter Autschbach can be be booked as workshop Instructor: also the demand for weekend workshops is great.

An overview of the workshop events that are currently available can be accessed by clicking the image. Last added to the program is the jazz guitar workshop early May in Linsengericht/Großenhausen and the Journey Sail & Jam in the Turkish Aegaen, September 2015.

The concerts not only include tours of the duo with Ralf Illenberger, there are also several solo concerts and some new events in a duo with Istanbul-based female singer Samira Saygili. Click here for the tour schedule.

12.01.2015Caveland Revisited

Our new version of "Caveland Revisited" from our concert @ the white villa in Kreuztal is online. The video was recorded Nov 27th, 2014. Camera: no other than Sebastian Autschbach.

The concert was sold out, the room sounds great, it is provided with fine, professionally designed lighting and we played super tight because the Kreuztal concert was the third-last event of the tour.

And everything went just fine. It was nothing less than a magical moment, because the music flowed by itself and this was great fun.

Click the picture to view the video.

01.01.2015Tour-Impressions and new ideas

Peter Autschbach's YouTube channel was not fed with new videos for some time. This was not possible simply because of his tour activities and workshops. Now there is a lot of material from recent tours of Japan and Germany. And the first videos are online.

1. there is the "Dragon Flight" from the new CD "One Mind" now be seen on Youtube, watching click here.

2. Peter's popular reharmonization of the classic "Over The Rainbow" can now be seen as instrumental version with significantly enhanced chords. The song was played and sung by Peter on the CD "You And Me". Click here to watch!

In the coming weeks, the extensive new material will be released on Youtube. How they say: "Check back soon" :-)

23.10.2014Peter Autschbach in Japan

The Japan trip was a great success!

All my expectations were surpassed because I did not know that there is a little Autschbach fan base in Tokyo. The contact came via YouTube and the office architect Tadayuki Fujii invited me to come to Japan for three concerts. He plays guitar very well, had worked hard in advance to be able to play my composition "Walkin '" including the improvised solo which transcription I posted along with the video. As opening act for the three concerts he played that piece and another work of mine ("Take Your Time") - and he did very well. The surprisingly large audience (they partly came wearing Peter-Autschbach t-shirts) celebrated the performances enthusiastically, which was an experience that I would have never dreamed of and for that I am very grateful. The concerts took place in Shinjuku, in the distant cool Sapporo and in Nakano. Next year we'll meet again, I'm looking forward to this!

Click the picture to read the full story including photos!

22.09.2014The new Album by Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger

"One Mind"

The new album "One Mind" by Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger can be ordered now! Peter and Ralf recorded the music in July 2014 in Peter's living room in Siegen, Germany. Ralf did the mixdown of the album in Sedona, Arizona. The coverart was made by by Selina Peterson.

Click the picture to hear sound-examples of all the tracks!

Tracks on the CD: Rumble, Frösche, Hoedown, Waltz for J., Pietro, Drachenflug, Caveland and One Mind

Click here to order the album!

15.07.2014Walkin' Complete

free TAB available now!
Walkin’ with full score and TAB (everything written out including my improvisation)
Today I decided to share my YouTube version of my composition Walkin’ with you posting a free full score and TAB along with the video. Check it out, it’s fun!

See the performance and watch the transcription by clicking the following link or the picture: Walkin'.

31.03.2014LarrivEE Autschbach Model Electric Guitar

Made in USA

The Larrivée Autschbach guitar is the result of a collaboration between Larrivée Guitars and Peter Autschbach. The Autschbach guitar is a “strat” style that comes in four different variations with about twenty guitars being built. The different pickup combinations including Matthew Larrivée’s handmade off-set hum-bucker gives the guitar many different voices. The pickups are controlled by a five way switch and a Seymour Duncan triple shot ring.

The following is an excerpt from Peter Autschbach:

"It is a big honor to me that every detail of the construction was planned together with me. Shortscale, Whammy, Strat-type body and 3 pickups is nothing new to me. Also the colour of my guitar (yellow). The Autschbach model is available in different colors, transparent red, transparent blue, amber and yellow. The true sensation for me is, that Larrivée brought my idea of an "Offset-Coil-Humbucker" come to reality. This is a magnetic pickup with offset coils that still have their polepieces under the strings when the pickup is twisted clockwise for 13 degrees. This means that the sound of this pickup combines the advantages of the different worlds Tele, Strat and Les-Paul-type guitar. It is nothing less than a dream come true for every electric guitarist."

Specifications and Features:

The headstock is a unique shape with an “Autschbach” decal signature on the back of it. The fret board is ebony and the neck is a short scale 24.75" like a Gibson, which is very unusual for a Larrivée made guitar.

The guitars feature a chrome or black Schaller low profile tremolo and locking nut. Also installed is a Schaller tremolo spring tensioner (Sure Claw) which allows tension adjustments without having to take the back cover plate off. The tuning machines are chrome or black Larrivee/Schallers. Schaller locking strap locks are also included.

The pickups are in an H-S-H configuration all made by Larrivée. The neck pickup is a standard hum-bucker. The middle pickup is a hot single coil in white or black. The bridge pickup is a handmade custom "Offset-Coil Hum-bucker" by Matthew Larrivée. The pickup is then twisted 13 degrees on the body and mounted with a Seymour Duncan triple shot ring. The guitar is fitted with a 5 way switch, a single tone control and a high speed volume pot. Custom wiring rounds off the package.

A black arch-top case accompanies the guitar.

Watch Jean Larrivee's Blog with lots of nice pictures in the Autschbach-model-gallery.

See a video: Click here

Mar 04th, 2014Peter Autschbach's new Soloalbum: "You And Me"!

March 2014 "You And Me" will be released by Acoustic Music Records.

Peter: "My new Album was recorded without any Overdubs. You can hear 'just' one guitar, which makes the CD being a very intimate statement. The 13 tracks of the album are relaxed acoustic guitar pieces, what unites them is the beautiful tone of my Striebel guitars, harmonic variety, which is very important to me and the emotional depth of the music.
Besides five original compositions there are a lot of unique interpretations of famous ballads (some by the Beatles, Eric Clapton and Elton John).

Encouraged by a lot of statements after my solo concerts you can hear me as a singer, I'm doing some well-known songs as 'Over The Rainbow', 'Suitcase Blues' and 'You've Got A Friend'. My reharmonisation of the first two of the mentioned pieces - which can be seen on YouTube – generated a lot of emails from people who asked me for notation and TABs. I wrote down these transcriptions in detail, they are available on request. I will soon post sound-examples here, get back soon. I'm very proud of these recordings, because they are a nice picture of how my playing sounds right now. The fantastic singer Samira Saygili from Istanbul,Turkey supports me on the tracks of 'Your Song' and 'Quiet Now'."

For three sound examples click here!

Click here for a full cover presentation!

Nov 4th, 2013Acoustic-Guitar-Workshop at the Maldives (Island Madoogali, Ari-Atoll) Easter 2014

April 12th. to 26th, 2014 an acoustic guitar workshop with Peter Autschbach will be held @ the Maldives. The islands are located in the Indian Ocean, have fantastic climate and ​​are a water sports paradise. The workshop will take place within 13 days on six different days and deals with the issue of acoustic guitar in all its facets. Away from the workshop we'll have enough time to explore the island and its marine life, to relax and to do some trips together.

The motto here is not "learn to play the guitar on vacation" but rather "go on vacation with guitar playing friends."

We fly to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, we do not want to sit in the room all day long and practice. But we'll play the guitar for sure. It is about a nice balance and a lot of fun. This relaxed holiday concept has already proved to be perfect in the highly successful workshops which took place in Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Here are the prices (incl. each flight, plus workshop fee of 290 euros):

  • Double room per person € 2540.00
  • Child in the parents room € 1150,00
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Board: Half Board.
  • Single rooms and all inclusive on request.
  • Passive participants pay no workshop fee.

The prices are as of Sept 2013. Request more information or register directly: send email to Peter

The island Madoogali is beautiful, original and natural (no yuppie wellness spa with cutoff vegetation, dress code and ridiculous butler service). The fantastic house reef is just 10 meters from the beach. It will be so much fun that we want to stay there forever. Check the Madoogali website:


01.05.2013new concerts and workshops with Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger Summer 2013

Ralf will come to Europe in Summer and another time in fall to do workshops and concerts with Peter. For dates and locations click here.


15.04.2013Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger: "Music"

YouTube-video performance of the great Kolbe-Illenberger-piece "Music". The video was filmed for the website of Akustik Gitarre magazine together with the coverstory and a guitar workshop wit the Autschbach-Illenberger-tune "Move On".

Click the picture to watch the video!

12.04.2013Video description and sound of the new Striebel PA12fret Guitar

Joe Striebel built a fantastic instrument for Peter. It's called Peter Autschbach Signature 12fret. The body meets the neck at the 12th fret which produces a very warm and intense sound. The guiotar looks and sounds awesome and plays like a dream. Striebel already sold four more guitars to German customers.

Watch his Website!

Click the picture to watch the video!

07.02.2013Marie Dömer plays "Highway Star"

Learning from Peter's teaching book "Let's Rock"brings you far: After some time and practise you can play the original Blackmore solo of "Highway Star" by Deep Purple. Marie Dömer did it. She is at chapter seven of "Let's Rock". Being curious, she stepped forward to the last chapter and practised the Deep Purple solo like crazy. It worked out, congratulations from a very impressed guitar teacher!

Watch Marie play it!

13.01.2013CD-Review – part of the title-story in the Magazine Akustik Gitarre 2/13

One had to wait a long time to hear new guitar music that captures and furthers the unique sound of the legendary duo Kolbe/Illenberger. Amazing how two musicians can adjust so perfectly to each other that the listener believes he is hearing a single multi-string guitar!

The duo creates soundscapes and lines that hover in the air and yet, thanks to their irresistible grooves, have enough earthiness to avoid aimless wandering. A new style between minimalism and extremely tight arpeggiation is born here; a new sound, which noticeably echoes the musicality of Kolbe/Illenberger while at the same time heading into new directions through the jazzy influences brought in by Peter Autschbach, not only in the lines but also in surprising and sometimes Metheny-like chord progressions. This duo already mastered the fine art of tightly-knit interacting; one suspects that there is even more space for development ahead.

An impressive indication of the level of the intuitive understanding between Illenberger and Autschbach can be experienced in the multi-part suite „Last Afternoon“, a nearly 30-minute flow improvised without any prior discussion. Using mainly only the sound of the pickups in the recordings, the duo provided a clear sound image with its own unique charm that goes so well with the flowing arpeggios and bell harmonics.

Andreas Schulz

The magazine in German language with the five-page story including a guitar workshop explaining how to play the Autschbach-Illenberger-tune ("Move On") is now available!

13.01.2013Cover-Story in the magazine "Akustik Gitarre"

Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger will be seen on the cover photo of the magazine "Akustik Gitarre" (No. 2-2013). There are some additions to the cover story with interviews of co-editor Andreas Schulz: a CD review of the recent Autschbach-Illenberger-record "No Boundaries", a detailed workshop (notation and tablature) to play "Move On" and two online videos, shot by Andreas Schulz. The videos feature live versions of "Move On" and the old Kolbe Illenberger classic "Music".

The new issue of the magazine will be available from 31 of January.

25.09.2012New CD "No Boundaries" by Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger

new CD "No Boundaries" by Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger
The album will be released in October 2012.

Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger recorded the new duo album in Sedona, Arizona. Seven brand new compositions and a completely improvised suite were recorded during March and July of 2012. The suite „Last Afternoon“ with its running time of 35 minutes is a true highlight of the production: besides the seven fully composed tracks it impressingly shows how intense and exciting a musical dialogue of two coequal partners can be.

Tracks on the CD:
On The Road, Hot Worlds, Move On, Kristallschloss, Drama, November, No Boundaries, Suite "Last Afternoon": ( Last Afternoon, Desert Waltz, Brain Connection, Desert Waltz Reprise, Second Anthem and Finale)

Best of Kolbe-Illenberger

22.08.2012New: "Best of Kolbe/Illenberger"

score & TAB, 2 separate books, one for each part ("2 in 1-book"), 74 and 60 pages

Note-for note-transcriptions of the legendary music of Martin Kolbe & Ralf Illenberger. The first album Waves was released in 1978 and was nominated for the German Record Awards. Critics called them, “The Best German Guitar Duo.” Through Germany's Goethe Institute, Illenberger, and Kolbe played more than a thousand concerts during the '80's in over forty countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Content: Veits Tanz, G'schteinigt, Free Man in 't Harde, Break, Walzer, Opening, Ball in Play, Music, Allemande, Genève, In der Halle des Bergkönigs, Sommerabend, Waves

Price € 27,90 plus postage.

22.08.2012Rock On Wood

Peter Autschbachs new teaching book Rock On Wood was released by Acoustic Music Books. The included DVD Rom that comes with the book contains audio files of each exercise. Plus 15 videos showing all the important tricks and techniques. The book and the video is in German language, but there's very few theory anyway, because Let's Rock concentrates on the music which was written down in standard notation and tabulature, that everyone can read and understand. So the new book is useful for everybody.
Order on the books page

Watch screenshots of the DVD here: Leftover Visuals