Samira Saygili & Peter Autschbach

Release-date: November 19th, 2021
With their second album “Sing!” Samira Saygili and Peter Autschbach invite themselves and their listeners to sing along. Because singing is known to increase well-being and health. This time the guitarist can also be heard as a singer on "Sing!" Every now and then the duo is accompanied by bass and drums, which makes the sound of the songs more diverse and intense. The cover art was created by Selina Peterson.

Tracks on the CD: In A Mellow Tone, L'amour Vrai, Sing!, The World Is A Ghetto, Babasong, Starlight, Eine Kleine Note, iLove, Mountains Of Gold, Moll-Akkord, Safari, Over The Rainbow, The Place To Be


Joscho Stephan & Peter Autschbach

"Dear Peter, dear Joscho, you succeeded so much in creating something really great - I can't get enough of this sundowner because your recording turns out to be a real masterpiece! My favorite tune, of course: "Holobiont". With this piece you widely, very widely opened the door to the "Guitarist's Champions League". One can only be happy that such masters work here in the middle of Europe. Congratulations!" Sigi Schwab, German guitar master
The cover art was created by Selina Peterson.

Tracks on the CD: Stompin' At The Savoy, Autumn Leaves, Donna Lee, Holobiont, Centerpiece, Still A Long Way To Go, Good Times, Fill The Gap, Sundowner, Wave, Begin At The End

Sweeter Than Honey

Samira Saygili & Peter Autschbach

On their first joint album, “Sweeter Than Honey”, Peter Autschbach and Samira Saygili offer a top-notch musical dialogue produced by a unique blend of voice and guitar. The music is a partially made up of well-known melodies that the two imbue with their own personal coloring. Other songs have been written and composed by themselves, and they are in no way less worthy than the classics. The result is music that is outstandingly infectious, even the slow ballads.
The cover art was created by Selina Peterson.

Tracks on the CD: Baron Otard, Sweeter Than Honey, Rodrigues, Holobiont, Smile, I'm Not In Love, Unhappy Triad, Your Song, Comes Love, Keine Lust, Sophisticated Lady, Downhome-Blues, Sympathique, Quiet Now, A Scent Of Love

Begin At The End

Peter Autschbach Solo

My solo album is called "Begin At The End" and it was released April 2018 by the renowned label Da Vinci in Osaka, Japan.

"Begin At The End" has many meanings to me: Maybe it's about enjoying the dessert before the main course? Or when outlining the next steps in life, it can map a viable way back to where you are while remaining focused on your distant goal. "Begin At The End" is also a glimmer of hope to hold on to when arriving at the end of life …

Tracks on the CD: Stompin' At The Savoy, Begin At The End, Brazilian Air, Girl Talk, Wave, Suitcase Blues, Summer Breeze, In A Sentimental Mood, Not A Sad Blues, Over The Rainbow

Zero Gravity

Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger

The third album by Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger is called "Zero Gravity"! It is available here in the store. "Zero Gravity" was finished exactly before the tour starts. The eight brand new pieces show how intense and fruitful the collaboration of the two guitarists is. Even more clearly than on the first two albums the music shows their unique way of playing, which distinguishes Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger. Here, the most diverse types of guitars (12-string, octave guitar, baritone guitar and six-string western guitar) are sounding in perfect harmony with each other. The cover artwork was created by Selina Peterson.

Tracks on the CD: New Arrival, Zero Gravity, Sellie, Heads Up, The Truth, Solstice, Topaz, Twilight Dance

Slow Motion

Peter Autschbach (& Samira Saygili, voc)

In our society the ones who scream loudest usually are those who gain attention. It is the maxim: Who is loud, is heard. But there is such a great force in quiet sounds. I have always been fascinated by this and the acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for that. At my concerts, I experienced that the moments where the audience listens most intense are the soft and quiet moments. This encouraged me to record my new album, called "Slow Motion", which is very quiet and gentle throughout. But I'm asking myself how this music can be perceived when everybody else around me is screaming? Well, it's your decision :-)

Tracks on the CD: Klangwoge, Clouds, Gleitflug, Seitenwind, Slow Motion

One Mind

Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger

It took eighteen months to collect and develop the ideas for the second Autschbach-Illenberger album. Some of the pieces have already been played at many concerts by the two during this time, now these versions are finally available on a compact disc.

The title track "One Mind" (like the "Last Afternoon Suite" on the CD No Boundaries) is an improvisation without any arrangements, all other pieces were composed by Ralf and Peter, "Frösche" and "Caveland Revisited" are based on it on older compositions by Ralf.

Tracks on the CD: Rumble, Frösche, Nini, Hoedown, Drachenflug, Caveland Revisited, Pietro, One Mind

You And Me

Peter Autschbach Solo

Peter: "My new Album was recorded without any Overdubs. You can hear 'just' one guitar, which makes the CD being a very intimate statement. The 13 tracks of the album are relaxed acoustic guitar pieces, what unites them is the beautiful tone of my Striebel guitars, harmonic variety, which is very important to me and the emotional depth of the music."

Tracks on the CD: Your Eyes, Autumn Leaves, You've Got A Friend, You And Me, Suitcase Blues, Your Song, Yesterday/Michelle, Quiet Now, My Heart Will Go On, Tears In Heaven, Back Home, Schneewittchen, Over The Rainbow

No Boundaries

Autschbach & Illenberger

Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger recorded their first duo album in Sedona, Arizona. Seven brand new compositions and a completely improvised suite were recorded during March and July of 2012. The suite 'Last Afternoon' with its running time of 35 minutes is a true highlight of the production: alongside seven fully composed tracks it strikingly shows how intense and exciting a musical dialogue of two equal partners can get.

Tracks on the CD: On The Road, Hot Worlds, Move On, Kristallschloss, Drama, November, No Boundaries, Suite "Last Afternoon": (Last Afternoon, Desert Waltz, Brain Connection, Desert Waltz Reprise, Second Anthem und Finale)

Summer Breeze

Autschbach Solo

"The songs are complex in their arrangements, full of unexpected changes and satisfying grooves. Elegant solo phrases and fascinating dynamics transform chords and melodies into guitar pieces with charismatic fluidity, perfectly matching a quiet evening, a cup of tea or a game of chess."

Tracks on the CD: Summer breeze, Corcovado, Walkin', One note samba, The shadow of your smile, Waltz for Nicky, Fairy tale, January, Vernissage, Broken Wing, Vals Venezolano Nr. 3, Anonymous, Autumn, Traveler, Blue in green, 16 Tears, Wave, Heal my soul


Terminal A

"With Terminal A a highly musical ensemble was formed, celebrating Jazz Rock´s finest. Mainstreem meets Fusion, Latin connects to world music and acoustic hits electric sound - the result is an easy going, wholesome mixture: easy listening at its best, a relaxed flight over continents and between styles."

Tracks on the CD: A Trip To Belfast, Little Wing, Transcontinental, Montevideo, Mind The Gap, Strange Vacation, Brazilian Air, Santama, Strait Of Messina, Back Home

Feelin' Dunk

Peter Autschbach & Barbara Dennerlein

"Peter Autschbach feat. Barbara Dennerlein. In this studio- live- session crackling tension bursts into a truly harmonic get- together of two equal partners, supported by a matching rhythm section. Music with is unbelieveably easy-going and joyful. These open and clear compositions build the perfect foundations for jazzy improvisions and excursions into Funk, Latin and modern Blues."

Tracks on the CD: Mister Stringer, Spring, All about Cordoba, Lara, Cool, Last minute, Feelin' dunk

Under The Surface

"Peter Autschbachs CD 'Under the Surface' is a must-have for those loving innovative Jazz music. The sheer variety of his compositions range from lyrical-spheric moments (the title track) to jagged Rock sequences (Shark Attack), but obviously having their roots in Jazz (Dancing Medusa). Always present is a certain rhythmic 'kick' branding his music as unique." (Amazon customer reviev)

Tracks on the CD: Under the Surface, Manta, Dancing Medusa, Plankton, Lost in the Kelp Jungle, Dolphins, Night Dive, Shark Contest, Octopus, Beach Party

Pass It On

"With 'Pass It On' Peter Autschbach recalls one of the great guitar players of mainstream Jazz. The form and sound keep the tradition but Autschbach plays with an obvious phrasing of his own. And the fact that 'Pass It On'was recorded on one day only will certainly suit Joe Pass ..."

Tracks on the cd: A Foxy Cick & a Cool Cat, Wave, Blue Monk, What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?, In a Mellow Tone, Terminal B, Night & Day, Vamos Amigos, Made on Ari, Dindi, Strollin´, Stompin' at the Savoy, Beautiful Love, Bonustrack: Blue Monk (alt. Take)

Chasing The Beat

"The man from Siegen surprises with frickling and well- thought compositions that lends half an ear to the Blues, dive into Funk and doesn't hold back from the odd rocking guitar riff. Accompanied by Mark Joggerst (kb), Ralf Metz (b) and Mario Brüninghaus there is plenty of opportunity for interactive comping and catchy solos - absolutely no chance of getting bored."

Tracks on the CD: Pentagram, Chasing The Beat, Miss Marple, P's Tune, Mad In Bb, One Note In A Coat, Frosch, P's Tune (Reprise), Maebenoch

Rikki's Lost Number

"Rikki's Lost Number presents the music of American cultsters Steely Dan in a first-class line-up including choir and brass sections. The songs mix meticulous & inventive harmonic structures and rhythm with catchy melodies and cool, funky grooves. The band is recruited from Musical pros delivering the perfect sounds for productions such as Saturday Night Fever, Starlight Express and The Who's Tommy"

Tracks on the CD: Black Cow, IGY, Janie Runaway, Peg, Jack Of Speed, I Got the News, Josie

Live-DVD Transcontinental

"This live DVD not only combines an absorbing and stimulating listening experience with virtuoso guitar playing, elaborate composition and a perfect interaction between the musicians but also offers a wide ranging sound world and a variety of contrasting atmospheres. Peter Autschbach can be heard and seen with numerous instruments, such as a Frame-Works nylon string guitar, Roland VG-88 synthesizer and electric guitar. The musical journey includes European style Jazz, large scale sound paintings, floating South American rhythms as well as Blues and Fusion tunes from North America. Ramesh Shotham and Michael Nüchtern on percussion blend in a completely natural and sympathetic exotic touch."

Tracks on the DVD: Montevideo, Peter's Intro, Transcontinental, Mind The Gap, A Trip To Belfast, Ramesh's Intro, Strange Vacation, Dolphins, Fairy Tale, Vamos' Intro, Vamos Amigos, Eddy's Intro, Back Home, Chasing The Beat, Lost In The Kelp Jungle, Brazilian Air, Santama

DVD Under The Surface

AUTSCHBACH PROJEKT – Under The Surface Live 2003
filmed at LYZ, Siegen on 25th of January and at Jazzclub Kelkheim on 14th of February 2003

Line up: Peter Autschbach – Guitars; Guido Hendrichs – Keyboard, Synthesizer; Marco Bussi – Drums; Gus Fenwick – Bass

Tracks on the DVD: Under the Surface, Octopus, Dancing Medusa, Chasing the Beat, Vamos Amigos, P’s Tune, Night Dive, Dolphins, Shark Contest