Duo Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger

With fascinating acoustic guitar music the six-string virtuosos Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger demonstrate living musical creativity in a most sympathetic manner. 30 years ago Ralf Illenberger and his duo partner Martin Kolbe already released their first album Waves which was nominated for the German Record Awards. Critics called them "The Best German Guitar Duo." Now Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger have taken some musical highlights of this era into their current stage program. Finally old and new Kolbe/Illenberger fans are able to enjoy the music, which for decades only was available on records, performed live on stage again. Besides the revival of well-known K/I pieces (like "Break", "Waves", "Music", "Veit's Tanz", among others) Autschbach and Illenberger play new composed tunes from their 2012 album "No Boundaries". The music is arranged on a highly complex level, with lots of unexpected changes and always pleasant grooves. Elegant soloistic phrases and fascinating dynamic moves melt chords and melodies into highly picturesque and expressive pieces. A true 5-star dish for conoisseurs of acoustic guitar music!

more info about Ralf Illenberger: Homepage Autschbach-Illenberger

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