Autschbach Solo

Peter Autschbach, for years recognized as a true guru within the six-stringed scene, not only is known as a competent interpreter of mainstream Jazz but also managed to raise attention with his own compositions, proved on eight CD´s enthusiastically celebrated by both audience and critics. In his solo program „Summer Breeze“ living musicality is presented in a highly sympathetic manner by the most successful writer of educational books and workshop teacher. As well as his own compositions the interpretations of popular Jazz and Latin pieces prove a cultivated handwriting and full-bodied tonal expression. The music is arranged on a highly complex level, with unexpected changes and always pleasant grooves. Elegant soloistic phrases and fascinating dynamic moves melt chords and melodies into guitar music of highly picturesque expressiveness. One may expect electrifying guitar music at the borderline between Jazz, Latin and groove which will be presented with an entertaining spontaneousness and passion.

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