• Endorser since 2008
  • Equipment: Fractal Audio Axe Fx II, Fractal Audio MFC101

video: Axe-Fx & MFC101 Demo 2010 von Peter Autschbach


Larrivee Guitars

  • Endorser since 2007
  • Equipment: Larrivée acoustic guitar SD50TSB and Larrivée Autschbach model electric guitar, available in yellow, blue and red.

video: It's a boy played by Peter Autschbach

video: Peter Autschbach plays the Larrivée Autschbach model electric guitar


Shadow Electronics

  • Endorser since 2007
  • Equipment: Shadow Nanoflex and Shadow Nanoflex Hexaphonic

video: Peter Autschbach erklärt den Nanoflex Tonabnehmer für akustische Gitarre

video: Shadow hexaphonic pickup – Peter Autschbach plays "You And Me"


Striebel Guitars

  • Endorser since 2007
  • Equipment: Peter Autschbach Signature Archtop and Autschbach Baritone

video: Peter plays the P.A. Signature Archtop by Joe Striebel

video: Peter Autschbach plays "Autumn Leaves" using a Striebel PA Baritone


AER Acoustic Amps

  • Endorser since 2011
  • Equipment: AER Acousticube III, AER Acousticube IIa

video: Peter Autschbach plays „Stompin‘ at the Savoy“ Axe-Fx & AER Acousticube